Friday, April 5, 2013

World Theatre Day at Kolkata

World Theatre Day was celebrated at Kolkata on 29 th March jointly by Indian People's Culture Association (IPCA) & other organizations.

A colourful procession took place from Kolkata-Hazra Road Crossing to Muktnamcha.It was followed by a meeting where the speakers from various groups spoke on present challenges before the contemporary theatre and the society.IPTA National Vice-President Samik Bandhyopadyaya initiated the delebrations and the other speakers included Chandan Sen,Usha Ganguly,Ashok Mukhopadhyaya.Pabitra Sarkar presided over the proceedings.

Short plays were also staged on the occasion including IPCA's play against fundamentalism dedicated to the Shabag movement of Bangladesh.

-Amitava Chakraborti

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  1. Please mention the names of the other organisations with you.