Friday, September 12, 2014

43rd Inter Collegiate Drama Competition by IPTA Mumbai

IPTA Mumbai is holding its 43rd Inter Collegiate Drama Competition    (ICDC 2014) . The elimination round  would be held on Monday 15th, Tuesday 16thand Wednesday 17th September 2014 at Mysore Association Auditorium, Bhaudaji Road,  Matunga East from 2pm onwards every day. 18 Colleges are participating in this competition. The finals would be held on Wednesday 24th September  2014 at Tejpal Auditorium Gowalia Tank,   ( Near Kemps Corner) from 2pm onwards.
Elimination Round

Order of Performance 

15 th September 2014

1.           1   Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics
2.         2   Indira Gandhi College of Arts and Commerce
3.           3    R A Poddar College of   Commerce and Economics, Matunga
4.     .     4   Thakur College Kandivali
5.            5    KES Shroff College Kandivali
6.            6    Nagindas  Khandwala College

16th September 2014
1.    CKT New Panvel
2.    D G Ruparel College , Matunga
3.    S M Shetty College, Powai
4.    Mithibai College
5.    St, Gonsalo Garcia College , Vasai
6.    M L Dahanukar College

17th September 2014
1.    Rizvi College of Arts Science and Commerce
2.    Bhavan’s College Andheri
3.    Patkar Varde College, Goregaon
4.    NSS College of Commerce and Science
5.    Shrimati CHM College, Ullhasnagar
6.    P D  Lions College

Warm regards
Nivedita Baunthiyal
Vice President
IPTA Mumbai

Monday, September 8, 2014


-Ranbir Singh
On every single legal document, official government papers and above all in our Passports under “Nationality” we write INDIAN in English and BHARTIYA in Hindi. Nationality in fact is the identity. All over the World we are known as Indians or Bhartiya, never as Hindu or Muslim or any thing else. HINDU we write as our  religion. Which is wrong, but it has come to stay because of the continuous wrong usage. I would like Adityanath to show his passport in which what nationality he has mentioned, Indian or Hindutava. When over a T.V. interview Adityanath, a hard core RSS pracharak , was asked as why not Bhartiya instead of Hindu, he replied that Bhartiya is a geographical  identity and Hindu is cultural identity.

This Indian Tartuff does not know that the identity of every individual is at first made from where he belongs to, and this is formed by geography. Culture of any country of the World is built upon three tiers: Village—State—Nation. For example I belong to Rajasthan, but my cultural roots are deeply rooted to the soil of Shekhawati. My language, my speech, my character, my relation with nature, my habits, food, way of thinking, behaving, my way of life, my relations with the members of the other communities, participation in festivals and rituals is all based upon the culture of Shekhawati. All cultural streams from different directions meet and that becomes the composite culture of Rajasthan. Similarly it happens on the national level where the cultural streams from all directions meet and form the National culture. It is like Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswati meeting at Sangam and then they become one.

The National culture of India is Ganga-Jamuni culture, where culture, religion, rituals, way of life of all different communities merge into one. That is the culture of India or Bharat. It is like the Bunyan tree, the branches and thousands of leaves are the different cultures and the stem is the Nation. To cut it, uproot it or burn it will be disastrous. We all will fall like autumn leaves.What is happening was expected. I had written an article in July 2013 “Beware of the avalanche of Fascism” warning the political parties, the intellectuals and the people of the danger of fascisim.RSS which is dominating and ruling BJP had the agenda of Hindutatva right from the beginning. Wearing the mask of development they very successfully befooled the media and the people and now visiting different countries in the company of the barons of capitalism, and silently allow and encourage unwarranted rash utterances in favour of Hindutatva and Love Jihad, is a political ploy and nothing else. If this tirade of Hindutatva is not stopped in time it will tear apart the social fabric and destroy the Nation. We will be faced with the ugly situation that came about at the end of Mahabharat. There will be no victor and no loser. Love Jihad a new word which has been coined by RSS and is being used as a political slogan is dangerous. Using the word Jihad is totally against the ethos of Quran. RSS must spell out in clear words as to what exactly it means by Love Jihad As a matter of fact Love Jihad as they mean started from the family of RSS itself, when a muslim boy married a Hindu girl belonging to the RSS family. He applied the Parkinson law very effectively, that, ”one cannot select the father, but he can definitely select the father-in-law” To day he is a senior important member of RSS. There is another BJP muslim leader who is married to a hindu girl. In Rajasthan there is a senior member of RSS/BJP, an aspirant of a ministerial post, is married to muslim girl. Are these not Love Jihad. Does Love Jihad only means when a Muslim marries a Hindu girl, or it is for all other castes: If that is so then what will happen to Simriti Irani’s marriage or many such other inter caste marriages. How is it that the protagonists of RSS only see the danger from muslims and not from others. What about saving the girls of all castes from the miseries of the saffron clad demi-gods in their ashrams? 

Conversions over the centuries have been done because of political, social and economical compulsions. The mighty Rajputs politically converted to Islam and were known as Kayamkhani. They did convert but retained all the hindu traditions. Even so that if a Chauhan had converted they will not marry in the other Kayamkhani family who comes from Chahuan. They never married in any other muslim family and even lived separately from the muslims. Will RSS wish to bring them once again in the fold of Rajputs? Will they be accepted by the so called pure Rajputs? Will the Rajputs give their daughters in marriage and accept their daughters as daughter-in-laws? Will the Kayamkhanis wish to convert themselves once again.? Similarly several Rajputs because of economical compulsions converted themselves as Jats. I personaly believe that disgusted with the feudal attitudes, and inhuman condition of the caste system which had become a social evil, Rashabhdev and Gautam both Rajputs founded Jainism and Bhudhism. Even later several Rajput princes took to Jainism. When Adityanath says that they will convert Muslim girls to Hinduism they must think as to whether these girls will be accepted in the Hindu homes? Will they find suitable husbands? Once they are converted they will be abandoned by their parents. Once they belonged to someone, now to none. Left in the wilderness as an easy prey for human wolves. Has RSS and its spokesmen thought about the social problem.

India..Bharat has lived this Ganga-Jamani culture over many years. It has weaved all of us into a beautiful, colourful, loving society. All of us depend strongly on political,social, economical, cultural, historical, religious, rituals, festivals, and way of life. If this sowing of hatred is not stopped, if lose tongued and polluted minded persons are not silenced, then the future of India is dark. No development of any kind whatsoever can take place when society is pushed into cultural chaos, when jealousy and enmity takes the centre stage, when love and affection disappears, when killing others for self existence becomes the main purpose of life. We must take lesson from our history. For God’s sake NOT repeat it.