Tuesday, December 23, 2014


-Ranbir Sinh

Homecoming or conversion name it as you like, but it raises several important questions. The very first question is that how it can be called as homecoming. It is absurd to say that all Muslims who reside in India were at first Hindus and they were forcibly converted. This is as absurd if one says that all Hindus were converted from Greeks. Some of these persons are talking about to have a DNA test. Is will create a lot of confusion. Is Adityanath absolutely sure that the blood that runs in veins is pure. Because in 300 B.C. those who came with the army of Alexander remained in India and they did marry to whom and where and they produced children .It is also known that Changhez Khan has the largest DNA in the world.

This is very wrong to say that Muslims firstly came from Afghanistan. At first they came from Arab via the desert and settled at Sindh. They did have inter relation with the Hindus and exchanged culture. The Afghans came to India much later and till today they strictly maintained their customs and married among themselves from one Qabila to another. They never converted themselves.

Yes it is true that many centuries before some Rajputs converted themselves to Islam. They are known as Qayamkhanis. They converted to Islam, but did not give up their Rajput culture. Their marriages were performed by the Pandit with Hindu custom and then Qazi performed the Islamic rites of Nikah. The bridegroom dressed like a rajput came riding a horse and with his sword touched the toran which hung from the main gate of the house. They were so strict that if any Chauhan Rajput converted to Islam he will not get his daughter married to another Chauhan who had converted to Islam. Their ladies and men are dressed as Rajputs, and their houses are known as Kotadi like those of the Rajputs. This was the Ganga-Jamani culture.

To declare that the forefathers of Mohammad Ali Jinnah were Hindus, and Nehru was a muslim is height of nonsense. It is the fragmentation of the sick mind. They are the followers of Goebels philosophy. Untruth repeated hundred times becomes truth. Undoubtedly they have used this brilliantly over the years. The tragedy is that well educated persons believe them and fall a prey to their propaganda.

Another important question is that does the Sanatan religion permit conversion. It is true that Islam does not allow anyone once he has accepted Islam go out of it. On the other hand Sanatan does not permit any one to come inside. A Hindu has to be born a Hindi and die as a Hindu. If the conversion was not done for all these years what is the urgent and desperate need to do so now. What ever, in any manner is being done now, it is most important that those who are being converted must be told to what caste they will belong to. Those who agree to convert themselves they do so for some benefit in their life. If they have to “suffer the slings and arrows of the outrageous fortune” all their life why should they convert. When they are invited to come back to their homes will they be able to marry in other Hindu families? Will they receive the respect and love as all other Hindus? It is said that they will have the choice to select the caste. This is hoodwinking them. Will Adityanath accept them in their fold. They will not be accepted by the Rajputs, Brahamans, and Vaishya. The only option left to them is Shudra. They will be committed to their fate.

It has been said that they were Hindus but about two hundred years back they were converted to Islam, and now they want to come back to their home. This is false. Two hundred years it was the rule of British. Why should they convert to Islam. What benefit will they get. Christianity would have given more benefit. 

Aurangzeb is being abused for the atrocities that he committed on Hindus. Poverty, Religion, and caste are the necessary of any government. He is blamed for conversions, demolition of the temples. Who ever are in power they do it so. This happened a few years back, when thousands of Muslims were brutally killed, Masjid was demolished, riots took place. It is difficult to understand as to how all
of a sudden so much love is being showered upon the poor Muslims, and they lured to come back to their home. I agree that Aurangzeb was a strict devotee of Islam. But one should not forget that he was the Emperor and had to follow the ethics of a ruler. He had issued a Farman, saying, “If any ruler does not respect other religions and opposes them then he will be guilty in the eyes of Almighty.”{M.Athar Ali “The Mughal Nobility under Aurangzeb.p.22} This is known as Raj Dharam.

But Aurangzeb as the Emperor fulfilling his duties grant money and jagirs to various temples. He granted the jagir to Shiv Temple at Janganbadi at Varanasi.The Mahant has the royal farman. When Shri Vishambharnath Pandey, the historian and member of Rajya Sabha, was appointed as the Chairman of Allahabad Municipality, from a legal case in connection with Someshwar Mahadev, he came to know that Aurangzeb had granted money and Jagir to the temple. Aurangzeb also granted money to Mahakaal Mandir at Ujjain, Balaji temple at Chitrakoot. At Gauhati to the mandir of Umanand temple, Shatrunjay Jain temple at Saurashtra. This has been recorded in the farmans issued between 1065-1691
Hijri, and 1659-1685 A.D.

The most important thing that I wish to bring to the notice is that when Sambhaji was defeated in 1688 A.D., his wife and son, who was six years old were captured and sent to Aurangzeb. He kept the boy in the royal apartments, appointed Begam Sahib Jahanara as his tutor. Gave instructions that he should be taught Persian, but also his mother tongue Marathi. He gave him the name of SAHU. When he achieved the age of 12 years, then he was married to the daughters of the two Maratha Mansabdars. Aurangzeb granted him the parganas of Akalkot, Indapur, Sopa, and Newasa to Sahu, applied the tilak on his forehead, declared him as the raja of Satara. He also presented him the sword Bhawani the personal sword of Shivaji. This was the greatness of him. If he wanted he could have got him killed or convert him to Islam. This was the culture and the etiquette of those days.{History of Marathas: James Grant Duff: Vol.I p.299} The royal family of Satara and the Marathas should owe him the gratitude.

It appears that it is in haste that the curtain has been taken up on Hindutava. Or is it because of the absolute power which has made them bold, illogical, unreasonable, senseless, and uncouth. Conversion, making of Ram Mandir, declaring that the entire World belonged to the Hindus, proclaiming Nathuram Godse, who killed Mahatama Gandhi as a patriot and demand that his statues should be made all over India, making Sanskratik as compulsory, Gita as the national book.etc etc. All that can be said about them is in the words of Omar
Khyyam, “Fools your reward is neither here nor there.”

Fellow of Royal Asiatic Society of Gt.Britain & ireland