Monday, April 8, 2013

“Chaarvaak” in JNU's Annual Theatre Festival

IPTA JNU unit performed its latest play “Chaarvaak” on 1st April 2013 in JNU on the occasion of Annual Theatre Festival. The play was about the Chaarvaaka philoshophy and his struggle of life against the superstition in Hindu philosophy and against the patriarchy.

The play was watched by around 500 hundred audience with many professors and other respected guests. After the play audience gave a huge appreciation which shows the success of the play and gives us courage to do better in future.

IPTA JNU unit is also organized a musical evening with a group named “SWAANG” a progressive protest music group from Mumbai on 3rd April 2013. The group comprises many former IPTA JNU members.

The play Chaarvaak narrates the story of a philosophical tradition in India that has consistently challenged the epistemological foundations of the Vaidik tradition which justifies regressive systems of Varna (caste) and Patriarchy. It constructs a life story of Chaarvaak (a philosopher of Lokaayata tradition about whom very little is known) to outline the nexus between the religious apparatus and political institutions that create and sustain oppressive social systems. Through Chaarvaak’s confrontations with family, friends, religious leaders and politicians the play presents a scientific critique of the social, political and cultural system that has prevailed in India for hundreds of years and exposes its repressive and deceptive character often referred to as ‘inclusiveness’ and ‘tolerance’.

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