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The word secularism is being flaunted by the social media without understanding the spirit of foundation of the culture of the people of India. The basic culture of  India by which it has withstood many invasions, birth of several religions, in fact is the Ganga-Jamani culture about which neither the social media or the members of the extreme rightist party make any mention of it, or wish to know anything Secular means “occurring once in or lasting for an age or a century” or it mean  “sceptical of religious truth or opposed to religious education. etc”. To my mind the word “secular” is a wrong word to be used for the culture of India. It may mean to some that everyone will tolerate and respect all religions. But it does not mean that they will not only respect and tolerate, but will intermingle in the religious , social, economical,  cultural, and day to day happenings of daily life of each of other irrespective of religion or community .

Ustad Ahmed Hussain -Muhammed Hussain Singing Ganapti Vandana.

Ganga-Jamani culture is exactly like the intermingling of the waters of the two rivers, and they become one. They are no longer two different rivers. In the same way the Ganga-Jamani culture is the synonymous of the mixture of all different cultures and the way of  life of different communities professing Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Zorastrian and Hinduism in one composite culture which becomes the Hindustani culture which is the strongest foundation of India. When Mohd.Iqbal says: Kuch Baat hai ki hasti mit ti nahin hamari; sadiyoun raha hai dushman daure-zamaan hamara. Hasti means Ganga Jamani culture, and Dushman here means the fanatics, fascists ,extreme rightists, and the super-powers.

Ganaga-Jamani culture is that which we live every moment of our lives. When the Dagar Bandhu sings the ancient verses of Veda and they go into a trance or catharsis that is our Ganga Jamani culture. When Wajid Ali Shah writes Thumris on the life of Radha and Krishnas, and they become a part of Kathak, danced by Hindu and Muslim artists and reaches the millions of people that is our Ganga Jamani culture. When Nazir writes the prayer (Stuti) in praise of Bhairav which till today is sung in the temple of bhairav in Agra is our Ganga jamani culture. When Ustad Bismillah Khan played Shahanai every morning at the temple of Mahadev, in Varanasi with greatest of respect and devotion that is our Ganga Jamani culture. At the time of the procession of Tazia on both side of the road hindu women stand with their child clasped in their arms, and pass them from beneath the Tazia, to seek the blessing for happy life of their child ,is our Ganga Jamani culture. At the time of our daughters marriage the bridal bangles are brought by the Maniyari who makes the bangles, she is a muslim, and she blesses the bride, that is our Ganga Jamani culture. The village Bagoria near Bhopalgarh in Jodhpur, 

Rajasthan, has two temples of Goddess Kali Mata. The priest of one of them is a muslim and the other is barber. This is our Ganga Jamani culture. The religious thread known as (ROLI) which every hindu ties to his hand when he has done the puja is made by the muslims. Which is offered to all Hindu temples and Masjids. This is our Ganga Jamani culture. India is the land of Nanak and Kabeer, who preached Ganga Jamani Culture. Guru Granth sahib is a beautiful example where the essence of all religious thoughts have been closely weaved into one. That is our Ganga Jamani Culture. A glance is suggested on Majma’al Baharain; The intermingling of two Oceans, by Dara Shukoh to learn about the Ganga Jamani culture. Indian national literature and Theatre has propagated through novels, poems and plays the essence of Ganga Jamani culture. Jahan bajta tha shankh wahan hoti this azaan bhi. This is our Ganga Jamani culture.

Pt. Jasraj Singing Mero Allah Meharban

But the extreme rightist parties have different agenda. When Bade Ghulam Ali Khan in Pakistan was singing thumri ;Meri Bayiyan na marodo Kanha, a bureaucrat sent a note reminding Ghulam Ali Khan sahib as to which country he was singing. He was promptly invited by Jawahar Lal Nehru to come back. In our own country objection was raised not to sing Miyan Ki Malhar.And the latest that I can cite is that the play Jis ne Lahore deka nahin was not permitted to be stated at Ahmedabad. This is blatant attack on Ganga Jamani culture and above all on the freedom of speech. 

Modi gave the slogan of Ganga Jamani Tahjeeb in Varanasi. Probably Barkha Dutt does not understand the meaning of the word Tahjeeb. There is no appropriate word in English which can describe Tahjeeb. The nearest one can go is the manners. Tahajeeb is just a part of composite Culture. One may adopt good manners but he may not be a protagonist of Ganga Jamani Culture. One can be of good manners, be well dressed in designed clothes, yet he can be a part of the demolish of Masjid, he can allow genocide in his state. They can use bad words and throw them like stones on others, without realizing that they come back on them. Ghalib has said, ”Maine ladakpan mein majnu par sang uthaya tha ki Asad:Sang ko dekh kar sir yaad aya.” It is more than evident that the present election of 2014 is not fought on the agenda of development as the social media has been announcing for the last couple of years. Development is the mask, a curtain, a purdah behind which is the hidden agenda of Hindutatava. Hinduatatva is exactly the same as Aryanisation of Germany by Hitler. If the RSS sponsored 

BJP comes into power then Ganga Jamani culture is in dire danger. Not only the Muslims will be targeted but all others who are NOT Hindus. If that happens the India will crumble as house of cards. The social media in the wake of make money should realize their responsibility and understand the danger and take the message of the composite culture, the Ganga Jamani culture which in fact is the strongest foundation of our country, and save our motherland- Hindustan. 

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