Wednesday, October 30, 2013

IPTA's 70th anniversary in West Bengal

To commemorate 70th anniversary of Indian People’s Theatre Association, a 2 days programme of multifarious events was organised by  Indian Peoples Cultural Association, Kolkata unit  in South Kolkata (Behale) on 7th & 8th September in Barisha Jankalyan Vidyapith and Behala Blind School. On 7th September, in cultural competition in the presence of nearly 500 heads more than 200 competitors took part in dance, song, recitation events as per age wise group.

While inaugurating the cultural competition the Headmaster of Jankalyan Vidyapith Sri Sudip Goswami urged the participants to serve the society with their attractive resources according to the social commitment of the great IPTA. Achal Halder, Secretary  of Kolkata unit was in opening song.

On 8th, in blind schools packed auditorium there was a discussion on IPTA in the beginning. Thereafter prize distribution to the successful competitors followed by cultural items on songs, dances, story reading concluded with a drama “ Dui Bigha Jomi” written and directed by Achal Halder performed by IPCA, Kolkata unit.

Inaugurating the discussion, renowned dramatist and IPCA President Chandan Sen narrated contribution of  the organisation. Samik Bandopadhyay, Vice President of IPTA National  Committee as Chief Guest elaborated the glorious role of the organisation very effectively.     

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