Wednesday, March 1, 2017

IPTA's Statement on events related to Ramjas College

28 FEB 2017, NEW DELHI. The disruption of an academic event at the Ramjas college in New Delhi by the right wing outfits and the apparent complicity of the police forces is yet another episode of growing intolerance and fascistic tendency in India in recent years. Freedom of expression and quest for truth through questioning and dialogue continue to get subverted by use of violence and subordination of institutions of law. The future of India will be doomed if the students begin to physically attack and threaten the teachers if they happen to have a different opinion. The ABVP is notorious for assaulting professors and their presence on college / university campuses is dangerous for the integrity of the nation.

It is heartening to see that the young boys and girls of Ramjas college and Delhi University have defied any intimidation and continue to express their views and fight for their democratic space for intellectual engagement and discourse. IPTA stands in solidarity with them and considers them the true representatives of Indian Peoples.

It is a matter of shame that the members of the government, whose responsibility it is to protect and promote democratic platforms, are openly encouraging the perpetrators of violance and disharmony. The statements made by the Minister of State (Home) in relation to the social media threats of murder and rape to a  student of Lady Shree Ram  college , Gurmehar Kaur, are extremely objectionable and unworthy of a Minister. He appears to be justifying the threats targeted at her. IPTA strongly condemns such statements.

IPTA calls upon all the artistes, writers, thinkers, readers and audiences to come together and reinforce the culture of freedom for thought and expression.

Peoples' theatre stars the people.

Rakesh, General Secretary

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