Wednesday, March 29, 2017

जम्मू में नुक्कड़ नाटक 'वक्त कम, काम ज्यादा' की प्रस्तुति

Jammu. EK SATH RANG MANDAL today presented it's 239 th MONDAY THEATRE under MONDAY THEATRE SERIES with Vijay Malla ' new progressive nukkad" WAQET KUM KAAM ZIYADA" at pacca Talab Park near Rehari Chungi Jammu.

Time is limited and work is to be done within time is a big problem among young generation when they donot know what to do ? It is a big challenge for those who lack basic planning and Time Table in their day to day work. Romesh is a student has liking for sports also but unable to attend games as well as studies at a time. He thinks that if he will play games he can not do justice to his studies. He is surprised to see his friend Ashok who plays game as well gets good marks in studies. Every time he is getting good marks in exams and is also known as best sports man in the college.

Romesh decides to consult his grand father Triloki Nath who has retired as principal and was a good sportsman in his college days, Triloki nath, Romesh's grand father asks Romesh to give him details of his daily programme when he attends studies and when he needs to participate in games ?

But unfortunately Romesh could not make out the details of his time table . Now Triloki Nath explains Romesh that you can not get success without planning daily time table and fix time for every work .Triloki nath further explains him that unless and untill you will not chalkout your engagements of daily routine. He says, Sports is also important as education is, but it needs only balance of your timing.

Romesh is convienced and satisfied with such suggestions and decides to attend games and studies with planning and time table.This nukkad was an eye opener for our young students who can learn how to utilize their minimum time for maximum work. A large number of people witnessed this Nukkad ,
Actors who acted were Anuroop Pathania,Prabal Sharma,Qurat-Ul-ain,Raju Mad,Ashok Sharma,Ayush Sharma and Vijay malla.THIS NUKKAD WAS WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY VIJAY MALLA AND ASSISTED BY ANUROOP PATHANIA

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