Friday, October 7, 2016

Call for resistance against attack on freedom of expression

Call for resistance against attack on freedom of expression on 13th October 2016

Indian Peoples Theatre Association has given a call for resistance against attack on freedom of expression in relation to the attack on IPTA conference by some youths connected with the right wing who tried to disrupt the concluding session of 14th National Conference of IPTA on 4th October 2016 at Anand Mohan Mathur Sabhagrah, Indore.

The General Secretary of IPTA, Rakesh said in a statement that this attack is in the continuation of attacks on freedom of expression by RSS and its allies. He further stated that IPTA was born during freedom struggle in 1943 in the period of ongoing Second World War and IPTA since its inception not only stood against the war but also as a crusader in defense of national sovereignty and integrity and various of its activists throughout the country went to jails fighting the colonial rule. He reiterated that IPTA is firmly against war and terrorism as well since both are the manifestation of imperialist crisis. We observe that it is notorious design of ruling class that those who have been working for the peace of the mankind are portrayed as anti-nationals. It is our patriotism and our nationalist commitment which impels us to talk against war which will destroy human lives in both the countries. People of India have nothing to gain by sacrificing the lives of our soldiers. He has appealed to all IPTA units and to all like-minded writer’s, cultural and other social organizations to observe 13th October 2016 as a day of resistance and rally the people in the fight against communal fascism, terrorism, war mongering and continuous attacks on freedom of expression.

Rakesh Veda
General Secretary
Indian Peoples Theatre Association (IPTA)

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