Monday, September 5, 2016

One day organisational conference of IPTA J&K Chapter

One day organisational conference of IPTA J&K Chapter was held yesterday on 29th Aug 2016 at K L Saigal Hall, J&K Academy of art culture and languages. The presidium was shared by Com. Dr. G. S. Charak, Secy. CPI Jammu Region, Dr. Baljeet Singh Raina, eminent writer and Com. K. K. Kaushal, veteran trade union leader and progressive thinker.
A short play " Dekho Bandhu Dekho Bhaiya" written and directed by Vijay Malla was staged.
Later on in the second session elections were held. The outgoing body put forward a proposal ot the new body and that was unanimously accepted.
The new office bearers are as follows:
Chairman: Sh. Anil Chopra
President: Com. Hardeep Singh
Sr. Vice Presidents:
1. Mrs. Nirmal Kesar
2. Mr. Rajinder Khajuria
Vice Presidents:
1. Mr. Harjeet Singh
2. Mr. Manoj Bhat
Gen. Secy: Sanjay Gupta
Organizing Secy: Hariket Jij
Secy.: 1. Vikram Rajwal
             2. Anuroop Pathania
Asst. Secy. : Qurat Ul Ain.

The post of cashier was left open to be filled later on.  Sh. Ashwani pradhan was selected as Patron and Vijay Malla as advisor.The delegates elected for the conference included:
1. Anil Chopra
2. Hardeep Singh
3. Manoj Bhat
4. Ashwani Pradhan
In addition to the four alotted delegates , Sanjay Gupta and Vijay Malla will be ex- officio delegates.

-Sanjay Gupta
Gen. Secy
IPTA, J&K Chapter

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