Thursday, November 20, 2014

Stealing the Icons

-Ranbir Singh
All national and regional political parties have their own icons. One wonders how  come BJP does not have an icon. They do have, in Veer Savarkar, Golwalkar,  Hedgawar, but do not owe them in public. It is not a secret that BJP is one of the  tentacles of the Octopus RSS. For all these years BJP appeared as the shadow of  RSS. But not now they have  come out in open, have won the election, have formed the government, and many members of RSS have joined BJP, and the fatwa has been given that only loyal  members of RSS will be appointed as the ministers in the central cabinet and  in the regional governments, Vice Chancellors of the Universities ,Head of all Art and Cultural institutions. Once they have come out openly on the apron in front of the curtain, why are they shy, and are forced to  steal the icons of congress. They should be bold enough to owe their mentors and announce firmly the agenda of Hindutatva which was taught to them in the Shkhas of RSS. 

How could they avoid Father of the Nation. I wonder whether it was boldness or foolishness on their part to forget the three gun shots which  were fired on the 3o January 1948,which  shook the World ,and stole Gandhiji. But not having a wider vision ,intellect, and ability they failed to choose the most important thing that Gandhiji stood for, the Unity among all., the teachings of Gita, the Truth, the self respect, and allow the good thoughts to come from all directions. For which he gave up his life. They took cleanliness{Swatch Bharat} and brought Gandhi on the roads. It was not dignified, respectful, honourable, to see the Prime Minister, and his army of sycophants sweeping the roads with large brooms. In my eyes it was down right insult of Gandhiji. If they had to steal Gandhi there were better things to take, which would have given strength to the society and lead it to glory and not to chaos as it is now. Gandhiji was for the poor, his eyes  saw the blood of the poor in the jewels of the princes, he abhorred everything foreign, he burnt the foreign clothes ,today the foreigners are being invited to make things in India,while Nehru wanted things to be made by India. Gandhiji  was against the mafia of the rich. The roads are being cleaned, the social media covers the incident to make money, headlines are given in the press, while the poor are left uncared, Ganga-Jamani culture is in dire danger, the rich are making hay while the sun shines, Universities and Cultural Institutions are systematically being destroyed. There is nothing of Gandhi left but his spectacles on the government advertisement. Is it this treatment that Father of the Nation should get. Shameful.  Jawahar lal Nehru trusted RSS and invited them to participate in the celebrations of the first independence in 1947. But it stabbed him on his back on 30 January, which enraged Nehru who ordered the ban on it for lifetime. Since then Nehru has been enemy number one for them. Whatever the spokesperson of BJP and others say, it is absolutely true, that, it is the agenda number one, that, to destroy everything that Nehru stood for and did. This is very systematically being done. 

They had no icon to put against Nehru, so once again they had to steal Sardar Patel from Congress. It was on his feet that the  leaders of RSS did dandwat and seeked his pardon, and gave it in writing that RSS will never indulge in politics. Although he was an iron man, but had a soft heart and made a big mistake of pardoning them. One of the spokesman or the Parcharak of BJP, one must admire the training that they have received that to blabber without logic and reasoning, at a speed without a pause. Their speech in the words of Shakespeare is “a Tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”  in a debate on T.V. remarked that the chaos of Ayodhya was made by Nehru, and the renovation of the temple of Somnath was done by Patel. The human memory is very weak. People have forgotten that the scheme of renovating Somnath was that of K.M.Munshi and Jam Sahib Digvijaysinhji of Jamnagar. Attributing it to Patel is Undoubtedly Sardar played a very important role in integrating  the Indian Princes to the Indian Union, but could he have done alone, without the consent of 

Jawaharlal Nehru, the Prime Minister and his cabinet. There are very few eyewitnesses of the time left to tell the story as how Nehru and Patel played the game of Love and hate to bring the 530 odd Indian princes, members of the Chamber of Princes. It was the combined effort of both of them which was most successfully achieved. To isolate one or the other will be a historical mistake. If the BJP continues to steal more icons of congress they will expose themselves more. I do not know who are the think tank of BJP, but lately they have stolen  

Maulana Azad on the Education day. Any one who sees the advertisement the question comes to mind, that in Nehru’s cabinet was such a great scholar who wrote several books and “GHUBAR-I-KHATIR” is a masterpiece, But Modi’s cabinet has a minister who have not received any formal education from any University , and some others are who have tampered their marksheets. I request the social media to spare some time and make a comparative study of the cabinet of Nehru and of Modi. Realisation will dawn upon them that there is something wrong in 

However BJP and its sycophants try to demolish Nehru, they will never, never succeed, but will expose themselves. One can not compare Nehru and other big leaders of those days, with the present ones, who are just the passing shadows.

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