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Secular does not mean unity or oneness. It smells of otherness. It means that I recognise your religion or mazhab, but I remain aloof. Thus secular is a wrong word and social media and many others are mischievously, ignorantly or knowingly under some hidden agenda are dangerously using it to pollute the minds of the people. It will be much beneficial to our country and society at large that we stop using the words, ”Secular-Secularism.”The other day I happened to listen the debate of Headlines Today, and the anchor was constantly and most emphatically using Secular, meaning thereby oneness. He even said that India is a
secular country and we must have a secular civil code.

Civil Code is an integral part of culture. Culture means, ”the complex totality which includes, knowledge, belief, art, law, customs, and all other abilities and habits which man acquires as a member of a society.”Society of any given nation is a conglomeration of different people possessing their knowledge, beliefs, customs, art, law, and their own way of life. Yet they intermingle in such a way that they become one and respect, honour their nationality. India from the very ancient days till today is governed by Ganga-Jamani culture. Which means that, the culture of all different communities ,i.e. their religion, belief, knowledge, law, language, customs, their complete way of life, are fully respected and allowed to be practiced without any kind of interference.

The culture of all different communities intermingle in the same way as Ganga-Jamna intermingle and become one. Civil Code must protect and safeguard the way of life of the people, the society at large and the Nation. From the ancient times India has been governed by the laws of Ganga-Jamani or the Composite culture. Even our ancient scriptures Vedas, Puranas talk about this. We must take lesson from History which clearly informs us that those who wanted to impose their own culture got extinct very soon and were not heard any more. Kautilaya says,”The happiness of the king lies in the happiness of the people. The King must look after the welfare of the people, not his own. He should look after the interest, development and safety of the people, not selfish interest of his own.” Happiness of any society depends largely in oneness, respect of each other’s religion, close participation in the daily life, understanding of one’s culture, art ,literature and above all the way Giving example of other countries only show our weakness. 

We have to look within us not outside. Absolute majority gives power, and absolute power corrupts. The government has to safe guard itself from the scycophants in different shapes and colours, the religious fanatics, they should be told in clear words that any time one leg of the table becomes small, the table turns without any consideration what so ever. Discussion on these sensitive subjects is dangerous. The anchors of the social media make money on discussions and leave the danger to others to sustain. In an absolute majority sans culture and the capacity of reasoning, it gives the opportunity to the majority to go ahead. It is a saying that a mistake done in a moment, centuries suffer the agony.

Ranbir Sinh
Indian Peoples Theatre Association {IPTA}
MOB: 9829294707

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