Friday, April 25, 2014


The election of 2014 is not an ordinary election. It is a balatant outrageous attack by the fascist Hindutatva forces on the Ganga-Jamani culture. Ganga-Jamani culture has been over several centuries the strongest foundation of our Nation. The fascist forces in our country, right from its inception has been cleverly and mischievously planning to put an end to Ganga-Jamani culture and force their agenda of Hindutatva. They operate from behind the curtain in the name of culture, and yet they are the confirmed enemies of Ganga-Jamani culture. They use various other names but never utter the word of Ganga-Jamani culture. It is only because of the fusion of the muslim culture. This very Ganga-Jamani culture over the centuries has upheld several attacks and by its strength has not not faced them bravely but with courage has weakened them by assimilating them among itself.

It is most unfortunate that the social media of our country, knowing or perhaps unknowingly has fallen into the trap of these fascists and foreign forces in propagating their dangerous agenda among the masses. Their questions are framed so cleverly that they have the answers in them, which they wish. It is not surprising that the youth and the masses have fallen a prey to it, to the slogan of Vikas-Development, without seeing or getting proper information about it. They have only heard it on the debates on T.V .Even in the bygone years of Hitler and Mussolini many eminent authors, like Luigi Pirandello had joined the fascist party of Mussolini. What to say about the youth of today who no ideology whatsoever, and their minds are the fertile ground where poisonous seeds can be sowed easily. The social media very irresponsible has exactly done so in propagating development, yet not clearly defining it or physically showing it. No development of any kind, any how, any way, any where in the world can be done without the development of culture. One sided development if at all only creates a huge gulf between the rich and the poor. The Social media has not talked even for minute about culture in their national debates. Neglecting culture has clearly shown the damage that it has done. This is the most uncultured election that I have seen since 1952.Even the debates on media are unmannerly and completely uncultured..

I salute the family of respected Ustad Bismullah Khan Sahib who have refused to nominate the name of Modi. How could they do when they are the devoted of Mahadev, and Bismullah Khan used to play Shahnai at the temple when the doors of the temple were opened on the first ray of the Sun.

This battle is not fought on the battle ground of kurukshetra. That was the battle of brothers from one clan{Vansh}. Today,s battle is fought in every corner of India. Every race, every community is actively involved. We are aware of the end of Mahabharat. Should we keep quite and let that happen once again. The things have gone out of hands. It is needless to go into the reasons. Every individual is in some way or other is responsible. But we the progressive front who are the strong believer of Ganga-Jamani culture should unitedly come forward and face the fascist bull, on the ground, and by catching it by the horns bring it to its knees and inflict the fatal blow and put an end to it.


Indian Peoples theatre Association{IPTA}

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