Monday, December 9, 2013

JURRAT : A Campaign on Violence Against Women

On 16th December 2013 one year would have passed since the shameful, horrific and brutally inhuman gang-rape of a 23 year old girl in Delhi on one of the most traffic and people infested roads of the national capital.

Swaang (a Mumbai based theatre and protest music group) and Majma (a Delhi based cultural group) are organizing on 16th December 2013 Jurrat: Aazaad Chalo, Bebaak Chalo - a show of strength by the citizens of Delhi, women and men, to claim back the streets of Delhi.

Jurrat is envisaged as a mobile music concert. It will be performed on a moving trailer through the streeets of Delhi on 16th Dec 2013. A moving kaaravaan or caravan, it will comprise of an open trailer, atop which artists will perform protest music and which will be trailed by volunteers and citizens on motorbikes and cycles. On 16th December 2013 this caravan will chart Jyoti's route of that night. It will make performance stops at Saket Select City Walk Mall, where Jyoti and her friend left to go home, Mehrauli Bus Depot, Munirka Flyover, and finally reach Mahipalpur Crossing close to where Jyoti's brutalised body was thrown out of the bus.

At each spot renowned artists namely Rabbi, Sona Mahapatra, and Swanand Kirkire, and Swaang will sing songs of protest.

Jurrat, is a ‘show of strength’, it is the cry of our conscience against our own complacency. It is an effort to prevent ourselves from slipping into a comfortable inertia, now that the perpetrators have been convicted and a sentence pronounced. It is a reminder to the citizenry that the battle against gender violence is arduous and long but is our responsibility as well. And that it must be fought. Jurrat is the decision that from now on there shall be no more victims, only survivors. Jurrat is a promise by “We the Citizens”, unto ourselves and our world, that “We shall fight”. Jurrat is the collective cry of “No more!”

This is an independent event with no political leaning nor any kind of political sponsorship. This is an effort of artists and students and citizens of India. It is an effort to remember Jyoti's fight and not allow it to fade into the oblivion of a statistical record or a number in a list of crimes that were committed in a particular year in a particular city.

WE INVITE YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS TO BE PART OF JURRAT. To get out on the streets of Delhi on 16th December 2013, to fight, to resist, to protest and to pledge against gender based and sexual violence.

To discuss details, know how you can be part of this endeavour and plan the procession; pls join Swaang and Majma on Sunday, 8th December 2013 at 3pm at the AMPHITHEATRE in the INDIA HABITAT CENTRE, Lodi Road, New Delhi.

Bring friends and do pass the word and share this email with everyone and on all the mailer lists you know.

Hope to see you this Sunday and then on 16th Dec on the streets of Delhi!

Swara Bhaskar: 0091-9987-307-361
Pritpal Randhawa: 9868304626

In Solidarity
Manish Shrivastava
Gen. Secy. IPTA Delhi State

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