Saturday, November 9, 2013


Kautilaya in Arthsastra,verse:34 has said;”In the happiness of the subjects lies the happiness of the king, and in what is beneficial to the subjects his benefit. What is dear to himself is not beneficial to the king but what is dear to the subjects is beneficial to him.”
Narendra Modi has not adhered to the sagacious advice of Kautilaya, probably he is blissfully ignorant of Arthsastra of Kautilaya. The burning of the train, which some what remains a mystery, can not under any circumstances be the excuse for the genocide in Gujrat in 2002.For the wise, kind hearted King or the C.M. now, all his subjects following different religions, caste, creed and colour all should be equal. Modi has not succeeded in achieving happiness for all. Even today the lips of the people are sealed in fear, heads are hung low in shame, eyes are full of fear and do no communicate. One can not express his opinion, it may be Hindu or Muslim. It is shocking to know that the play JISNE LAHORE NAHIN DEKEHYA written by Asghar Wajahat was not permitted to be staged in Ahmedabad. I may ask all those who praise him and expect miracles from him, would they like to live in a place where the lips are sealed and fear dominates the entire atmosphere. It is the beauty of the Indian culture, right from the earliest period, that it imbibes all religions, and culture and thus enriches its national culture .In the words of R.S.Sharma ;”Ancient Indian history is interesting because many races and tribes intermingle in early India. The pre-Aryans ,the Indo-Aryans, the Greeks ,the Scythians, the Huns, the Turks, and others made India their home. Each ethnic group contributed its mite to the evolution of the Indian social system, art and architecture, language, and literature. All these peoples and their cultural traits commingled so inextricably that currently they can be clearly identified in their original form.”
Narendra Modi a product of the RSS ideology, mercilessly destroyed the cultural fabric of Gujrat, and the efforts are being made openly to do the same on the national level.
I am not going to use the word “secular” as it has been vulgarized by many. According to the spokesman of BJP, it is Hindutava, meaning all those non- Hindus will live like Hindus .A senior correspondent of a well known T.V. channel, has called it as “Sickular”. I prefer to call the India culture as the ”Ganga-Jamani” culture, where the culture, rituals, religion, way of life, of all different communities are closely weaved together without any interference. The call of hindutava by RSS is extremely dangerous. It will create enmity among different sections of society, mistrust and fear in the hearts of all, and it will it apart India into shreds and weaken it. The destruction will be much more than it happened after the battle of Mahabharata.
One senior leader of BJP, who is also in the line to become the Prime Minister, has given the statement, that Sardar Patel was secular because he rebuilt the temple of Somnath as a part of Hindutava.
The project of rebuilding the temple of Somnath was actually initiated by K.M.Munshi and Jam Sahib Digvijaysinhji of Jamnagar. No doubt Sardar Patel helped them. But in the eyes of K.M.Munsi, Digvijaysinhji and Sardar Patel Somnath was not just a Hindu temple, but it was an important part of the Ganga-Jamani culture and was a rich cultural heritage of India. For Sardar Patel and others, Somnath was as important as Jama Masjid ,and the shrine of Nizamuddin Auliya at Delhi and the Dargah of Khwaja Muinuddin Chishti at Ajmer. This is exactly the difference between Sardar Patel and RSS, and the difference between Hindutava and Ganga-Jamani culture.
RSS from its very birth has followed the dictum of Goebels , that, repeat the untruth hundered times and it will turn into truth. They are shamelessly polluting the minds of the people by showering false stories .Why the RSS ,leaders of BJP do not admit that it was Sardar Patel as the Home Minister in the cabinet of Jawaharlal Nehru, who banned RSS  for ever taking a pledge from it that it will never enter the politic arena. A BJP leader recently in a interview to the T.V. channel shameless said that the ban was lifted because there was no proof. What a great lie! Was the murder of Gandhiji  not a strong proof.?
RSS has completely sidelined BJP. All the leaders have been reduced as mansabdars  of the court of Nagpur. It is RSS who has declared Modi as the Prime ministrial candidate, because it feels that he is capable to deliver the Hindutava. But this is nothing else but throwing dust into the eyes of the people. Using the Goebels tactics and winning over the media they have successfully brain washed the people. One can understand about the uneducated people ,but the so called educated ones to fall into the trap is surprising.
In the democratic governments the oppsition makes a shadow cabinet. Each member is assigned a particular portfolio. He or she studies the working of the ministry, and when the chance comes then the shadow cabinet takes over. May I ask RSS or BJP who will be the members of the cabinet of Narendra Modi, or RSS had already decided to crown Modi as the Dictator with the specific orders to impose Hindutava. To RSS Hindutava is exactly the same as Aryanism of Hitler .I am surprised that this question is never asked or discussed in the debates conducted by the several T.V.Channels. Media is an important part of the society and it must play a very positive role, and not be irresponsible and create a doubt of their sincerity.
To use the name of Sardsar Patel in this cheap manner is shameless and dangerous. When the statue will be unveiled the throne of RSS at Nagpur will shiver on fear. The statue will give sleepless nights to the mansabdars of the RSS court, when people will ask the question; is this the man who banned RSS?.What will they answer when the people will ask why RSS was banned. The murder of Mahatma Gandhi is a black spot on their hands which all the waters of the Arabian sea will not be able to wash it.
It is the time when all anti-fascist parties and intellectuals should come out in open and join hands to fight fascism and crush its head, burn it and bury deep into the earth, never to rise again.

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