Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Karnataka IPTA's Activities

In this year of 70th Foundation Anniverssary of IPTA at National level we proudly rememember the fact that the the first People's Theatre came in to existence in Bangalore in 1941.Anil De Silva was the founder & Homi Jahangir Bhabha was closely associated with it. We are trying to be true to this great legacy & more than a dozen units are actively working in the state.

During the recent assembly elections we launched an effective campaign in all the districts of Karnataka in support of left & democratic forces combating communalism & corruption. IPTA artists participated in MAY DAY programs in their districtsMysore IPTA conducted program to support workers and their children .

On 25th May the prime day, program was held at Mysore  Tumakur Distt. IPTA performed a drama "MYLARA MAHADEVA" depicting a freedom fighter, who died in British police firing during the "Quit India Movement"

IPTA has released a book " ABHINDAN GRANTH" dedicated to com. Revanna, a senior activist of people's culture movement.A drama was also staged on the occasion .
In Dharvad Distt IPTA gave performances in Summer Sahithya Mela. 
*Report by PALAVVANAHALLI   PRASANNA KUMAR,Convener, Karanataka State IPTA

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