Monday, July 15, 2013


-Ranbir Singh
The writing on the wall is very clear .One has to read it carefully, analyse it , understand it absolutely and act promptly and bravely. It has become very clear that RSS is the supreme master, the big boss. The ministers and other leaders are but the pawn of the political chess board. A definite shift is seen in the relation between RSS and BJP, for which they have been waiting for nearly an era. Those who wore the mask of mild soft spoken so called gentleness have been brutally side lined. Those hard liners who have been  systematically trained to spill blood have emerged. They have been taught the idealogy of “ to die for the Father land, for the  idea. No, that is a cop out. Even at the front killing is the thing. Dying is nothing. It is non existence. Nobody can imagine his own death. Killing is the thing.”{Eric Hobsbawn: The Age of Extremes: ch;4; p.109} These hard core RSS workers have been told in clear words “that the frontiers have to be crossed. That is the concrete act of your will.
For nearly a century they have been trying to bring the world under the umbrella of Hindu Vishwa Rashtra. Now RSS feels that it has the right man who can deliver the goods .Hindutav is nothing else but a step towards Hindu Rashtra. Where the Muslims and other minorities will be treated in the same manner as the Jews were treated by Hitler. These  people abhor the word secular. Although one spokesman of BJP in the national channel of T.V. said that Hindutav is secular ,and blamed congress of communalizing  politics .One would like to ask whether Hindutav as it sound is only meant for the Hindus or all the other communities, Muslims, Jains, Budhists, Christians,Parsis,Sikhs etc who reside in India. I do not want to use the word secular as it has changed meaning. Some have even called it as sickular. I am asking whether BJP/RSS are for the Ganga –Jamani culture, in which every different communities are free to practice their religion, their rituals, their way of life, without any interference, or the society which under Ganga Jamani or composite culture is today closely knit will be  shred into fragments and only the saffaron thread will remain and all other green, red, blue, white will be thrown away.
It is very alarming and disturbing statement made by Modi that he is a Hindu National. First he must understand and realize that Patriotism and Nationalism has nothing to do with religion. Any one who is a national of a particular country his patriotism and nationalism belong to that country. Does Modi means that in India we will have different nationals ,Muslim national, Christian national, Parsi national and so on. The danger is that very soon it will be enlarged and will mean, Modi/ Hindu/Ghanchi/Gujrati/National. Can any polarization be bigger than this. How unfortunate and dangerous that such a man is being projected as the prime Minister of our nation. It is hilarious and sad when sycophants defend him with great gusto little realizing that they are making a fool of themselves. It reminds me of Omar Khyyam when he said “Fools your reward is neither here nor there.”
I am very surprised and pained that from 2002 to 2013 the media, the national T.V. channels ,have not realized the difference between genocide and riot. The dictionary meaning of genocide is. ”deliberate mass murder of a race, people or minority group.” It was exactly the same as Hitler did in Germany with Jews. Modi did the same in Gujrat. It was nothing else but genocide. Riot is “to participate in a public disorder, to act in an unrestrained or wanton manner”. May I ask who behaved in an unrestrained or wanton manner; the people or the Government? And yet he is known as a honorable  man.
An arrogant, proud man like Ravana and Hitler never apologise. Ravana for his arrogance and pride was killed. Hitler knew the ultimate end that if caught alive he will be hanged, so he killed himself. Our epics Ramayan and Mahabharat teaches us the evil is always punished.
There are small dark clouds of avalanche in the sky of India, which may soon grow bigger and be a grave danger and cause terrible destruction, to the ancient culture, the unity and brotherhood among all, peace ,love, and tranquility. In the words of Eric Hobsbawm,”The danger came exclusively from the right. And that Right represented not merely a threat to constitutional and representative government but an idealogical threat to liberal civilization as such, and potentially world wide movement, for which the label “fasicism” is both insufficient and not wholly irrelevant”
Today it is important and prudent for all forces, political, social, economical, cultural, to come together and finish the evil of fundamentalism and fascism.

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