Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bramha Ka Swaang leaves you longing for more

The 19th National Theatre Festival was inaugurated by Shri Rakesh by declaring it open and welcoming the guests of the evening. It was followed by a short film on Jugal Kishore ji, which was well received.

Bramha ka swaang was staged right after this, with a special request by the director of the play, “Veda ji will be playing the character of Vrinda, she has been doing it since last 32 years, she would be on stage without the wig today and I hope you can imagine how she used to be that many years back.” This was the first time the play was staged this way.

The ideal husband has ideal thoughts, and he believes all human beings are equal and there should not be discrimination. The naive wife does not buy this. Neither does her stern father. But the ideal husband convinces them and thus begins the story of ‘Swang’. The naive wife starts believing in the ideal husband’s thoughts and starts implementing them in every single instance, this creates a lot of ethical dilemma for the husband. We very slowly realise the transformation of the ideal husband to the hypocrite one, and begin to relate suddenly with the whole premise.

The play, based on Premchand’s ‘Swang’ (roughly translated as Sham), is still very relevant and questions our inner hypocrisy which we usually overlook. It tries to underline this to the extent that the viewer starts to get who is being questioned. This questioning and talking to the audience continues towards the end.

Amongst laughter and applause this play successfully delivers what it initially promised, an intimate experience of the hypocrisy in each one of us.

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