Thursday, July 12, 2012

7th biennial World Shakespeare Conference

Shakespeare Society of Eastern India and 
Benares Hindu University (India)
 Jointly host
7th biennial World Shakespeare Conference
1 – 3 December 2012


Conference sub-themes:
·        Global Investigations into Shakespearean Theory,
·        Criticism and performance with Special Focus on Translations,
·        Adaptations and productions of Shakespeare and Elizabethan Drama in the Asia-Pacific and South Asian region.
A welcome development that has taken place in the field of Shakespeare studies. The last half of the twentieth century has been one of a radical enlargement in conceptual territory. Today it is no longer outré to research Shakespeare outside literature classrooms and beyond the borders of the Anglo-American academe. New innovative readings of the cultural, social, and (arguably) political influence and transformational impact of Shakespeare all over the world have come to be voiced. New areas of study and new locations of research have come into being not only in parts of the globe that have had a tradition of familiarity with the Bard going back over several centuries, but also in regions where such awareness is of a much more recent origin. Nevertheless, a great deal of the new work on Shakespeare  has remained restricted to specialist circles with few or no opportunities for interactive openness being easily available to scholars, students and practitioners, or simply to those who desire to make a contribution to Shakespeare-oriented knowledge.
It is with the intention of creating such an interactive space that the Kolkata (erstwhile Calcutta) based Shakespeare Society of Eastern India has in the past hosted six World Shakespeare Conferences in which thoughts were freely shared, papers were read, performances staged, and knowledge exchanged. Extending upon the series of the last six Conferences, the Shakespeare Society of Eastern India and Benares Hindu University (India) will jointly host the 7th biennial World Shakespeare Conference to be held over 1 – 3 December 2012 in the Indian city of Benares which has the unique distinction of being the oldest inhabited city in the history of the human civilization. Like the other six Conferences held in the past, and attended by delegates from countries like Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Germany, Great Britain, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, the UAE, USA etc., the 2012 global meet is designed to offer a mutually enriching space to scholars, students and researchers, teachers and academics, culture analysts and historians, theatre persons and performers. Delegates to this Conference themed “Shakespeare Across Cultures” would be invited to read papers/offer presentations/performances that would engage with the genius of William Shakespeare from across a spectrum of interests and receptions and a diversity of perspectives. 
The sub-theme of this Conference being global Investigations into Shakespeare on the planes of theory, criticism and performance with special focus on translations, adaptations and productions of Shakespeare and Elizabethan Drama in the Asia-Pacific and South Asian region, submissions of Abstracts (up to a maximum of 300 words) in these general areas of interest are invited from individuals wishing to participate in this event. The last date for the submission of abstracts is 15 June 2012. Acceptance notifications and invitations for international delegates will be issued by 15 July 2012. The Conference website is currently under preparation and will be published shortly, but those wishing to submit abstracts or desiring more information may mail the following:
President, Shakespeare Society of Eastern India: Prof. Amitava Roy:
Secretary General, Shakespeare Society of Eastern India: Prof. Subir Dhar
Jt. Secretary, Shakespeare Society of Eastern India: Dr. Tapu Biswas: tapu_biswas@
Conference Convener, Prof R.N. Rai:
 Please mail your abstracts at this email ID:

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