Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chitthi-Patri:Megha Pansare writes from Kolhapur

I  stayed in Pune on my way back from Delhi. I had to meet the 'Na dne' (Talghar) team at the Pune university. The director of Talghar  Mr.Aniruddha knew about IPTA, Pune.  In the eve I met Mr. Ravi Devdhar and his team members.  It was nice to talk to them about their work. I also watched the play based on Taking Sides performed by them. I liked it, but felt that  the choice of plays should have some direct relevance to the life today. Met Atul Pethe there. He also was in the audience. We had organised the show of his play Satyashodhak in Kolhapur. He has been associated with us, with all the social movements and the experimental theatre activists in Maharashtra. 

I am happy to write that Maksim Gorky's play 'Na dne'(Talghar) translated by me into Marathi language has been staged. It was performed by the Centre for Performing Arts, University of Pune on 20th March, 2012. It really was appreciated by all the viewers. Sending you some photos. Please see.

At present I am busy in translating the biography of a revolutionary king Shahu Maharaja in our society. We are translating it from Marathi into Russian for the Itihas Prabodhini, Kolhapur.
Please suggest some plays you find interesting, either written or even performances.

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